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Blue Flower

Make a splash with these colourful swimming costumes, featuring eye-catching appliqué details and quick-drying fabric for active days. Take a dip with the friendly whale or a mermaid with a fluttering tail, or choose a bright rainbow or 3D flowers.

Ivory/Deep Sea Blue Flower Fun Detail Swimsuit


This cheeky long-sleeved T-shirt is all about standing out. That's why we paired the playful stripy design with a fun print featuring an odd-one-out puzzle. You'll be one of a kind in the playground when you pair this with a twirly skirt and cardigan.

Ecru/Wren Blue Flowers Odd One Out T-shirt

$36.00 $32.40

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Wave goodbye to boring beachwear with this lively two-piece surf suit. Mix and match the playful printed tops and colourful bottoms to create vibrant looks that hip young surfers (well, paddlers) will love. A high neck provides protection from the sun's rays.

Ivory/Deep Sea Blue Flower Sea Explorer Surf Suit